Monday, August 15, 2016

Fig and Crispy Halloumi Salad

Hey everyone,
I have a confession to make... I am addicted to the combination of figs and halloumi! Seriously, it is good stuff. This said, I am a fan of sweet and savoury dishes and as far as this dish goes, it really hits the spot. I love having this as a light lunch or dinner and it is ready in a jiffy!

What do you need? (2 servings)

- 2 plump fresh figs, 1 per person, sliced
- a block of halloumi cheese, sliced and if each slice is quite long, halve again
- roquette salad (or any young leaves mix you like)
- a small red onion, halved and then thinly sliced
- hazelnuts
- a drizzle of olive oil
- a drizzle of balsamic vinegar

What do you need to do?

Start by heating a pan and drop in the hazelnuts (no oil needed). Heat them until they become fragrant, turning them around the pan regularly. When they are done, roughly break them in pieces. I used a pestle and mortar but you can just stick them in a plastic baggy and hit it with a rolling pin. Put aside.

Don't take the pan of the heat. Add a little bit of olive oil. Once getting hotter, add the slices of cheese and cook them. You will notice that with halloumi, the cheese will first release some liquid, but once this is done, it will become nice and golden. Just keep in mind that if one side is done, the other won't need as long as the first side as the liquid has already evaporated.

When these are done, plate the salad. Start with the leaves, arrange some slices of figs together with the halloumi. Sprinkle with hazelnuts, some onion and drizzle with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.
I also seasoned with pepper, but no need for salt as the halloumi is quite salty already!

Serve with a nice crunchy piece of bread and some creamy butter. Enjoy!

So... what is your favourite Summer salad with seasonal products?


  1. You have just given me a craving for crispy Halloumi. I used to live in London, before moving to Belgium, and my local cafe made a Vegetarian British Breakfast with Crispy Halloumi, and it was to die for. I used to get real cravings for it!! Thanks for the memories, and for the recipe - I like the idea of the halloumi with figs!

    Emma @

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