Sunday, August 14, 2016

Ciabatta, Tomato and Mushroom Oven Dish

Hello all!
Life is significantly easier when you have an oven. I love to just pop some veggies in for thirty minutes with some seasoning, garlic and olive oil and just relax and read a little while amazing smells fill my apartment.
I make this type of dish whenever I feel a little lazy and it works every time.
Today I had a bath and put in a hair mask so I was in total chill-mode. A quick trip to the nearest Pain Quotidien and I came home with a lovely little ciabatta. Here's what I did with it...

What do you need? (for 2)

- A couple of glugs of olive oil
- 1 clove of garlic, finely chopped (I had 2 cloves because I really, really like garlic but up to you ;) )
- 2 cups of cherry tomatoes, halved
- 1 cup of mushrooms, sliced in 3
- 1 small red onion, cut in eigths
- half a ciabatta (or a third might be enough as well), this can be a day old
- an egg per person
- pepper & salt
- some flat-leaf parsley, finely chopped

What do you need to do?

Pre-heat the oven while you prep your dish at 180°C.

Grab an ovenproof dish, not too large. As you can see in the picture, mine is quite small. And I ate all of it all on my own. I increased the amounts here to have enough for 2.
Start with the ciabatta. Cut the piece you have in half sideways, as if you were about to shmear is with a bunch of cheese. then tear it into smaller, bitesize pieces.
Drizzle some olive oil in the dish and cover the bottom of the dish with the ciabatta pieces, crust side down. This way it will become extra crispy! Drizzle with some more olive oil and season with salt & pepper.
Cover with the veggies and sprinkle the garlic on top. Some more seasoning and some more salt & pepper and a little more olive oil. You could also add some fresh thyme or rosemary on top.
Place in the oven for about 30-40 minutes. During the last 5 minutes, crack the eggs on top and place back in the oven for the remainder of the time.

When done, sprinkle with the chopped parley and done :)

Now this is MY type of breakfast bowl!

What is you favourite easy brunch dish?

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