Saturday, May 28, 2016

Review of YAG*: You Are Great

Hi everyone!

Today I want you guys to discover with me a great little restaurant in the middle of Brussels in the Chatelain area. It is called YAG and it is run by a wonderful lady called Coralie.

At YAG* they serve bio, slow food dishes, made with local produce. A simple cuisine with excellent flavours and best of all: combinations of food and ways in which these are prepared that help the digestive system. I'm all for happy intestines myself, so I happily tucked in to some lacto-fermented veggies :D

Coralie was happy to let us taste a couple of the dishes that were available that day in smaller portions (so we could have more :) )...

All the dishes were colourful and best of all: super tasty! Seasonal ingredients made up these wonderful photogenic plates and I really loved the dishes Coralie uses. I am a hummus addict and I absolutely loved hers. So if there is hummus available, be sure to ask her for some.

So are you ever in the area and need some feel-good lunch? You should go check out this lovely little place. If you're too far away or you don't feel like leaving your couch? You can see if Take Eat Easy delivers YAG* food to your door ;)

Where can you find YAG*? 
Rue Washington 59 • 1050 Ixelles •

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