Tuesday, April 12, 2016

[Collab + Contest] A new restaurant in Brussels: Ballekes

A while ago Thibault and Florence contacted me and asked me if I wanted to help them spread the word about their new concept: a restaurant called Ballekes where you could choose your favourite type of meatballs (pork & beef, chicken or veggie) with the sauce of your choice (tomato, sauce lapin, sauce kriek and trappist). Meatballs are such a tasty meal so I was immediately up for this collaboration.

Finally they are open and you can all go enjoy a meatball lunch or dinner! I had an avant-goût last week and tried all the sauces, they are just to die for! Even my dad was so excited, he helped out at the crowdfunding.

Here are some pictures of the launch night, I hope they will put you in the mood for some meatballs ;)

The icons were designed by the wonderful Adrien Duchateau - do check out his work here. I also have the amazing luck to work together with him at my every day job! You can find these cute drawings all over the restaurant, on the wall, the placemats... They each connect the restaurant to its Belgian heritage!

They have an amazing light bulb-letter sign which adds to an amazing atmosphere.

Lastly, the meatballs are awesome but so are the fries. Any recommendations on the extra's? I absolutely LOVED their truffle mayo (I know, I know, it just tastes so gooooood...)

Sooo... what about it, are you up for a meal at Ballekes? If so, check out my Facebook page because I will be giving away food at Ballekes! 

Oh and the address? Chaussée de Charleroi 174, 1060 Bruxelles ;)

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