Friday, November 13, 2015

Or Tea: A Sweet Date

Or Tea, one of my favourite tea brands is coming out with a new flavour and I am wildly excited about it! I managed to get my hands on a sachet to try it out! This tea is very unique and it does not contain any tea leaves... So what is in Or Tea's Sweet Date?

Consists of:

- Longan berries
- Chinese Dates
- Goji berries
- Cane sugar

What did I think:

I really like this tea! It smells like cookies so it gives you that home-y feeling after you have been baking. I usually never drink sugar with my tea (unless I go for some sweet Chai) but here, the cane sugar adds a nice subtle sweetness to the flavour of the berries. The date comes out very well, I love dates, and it changes from the usual green teas I tend to drink, no tea leaves means no bitterness even if you leave your sachet in too long! According to Or Tea, Sweet Date contains a high concentration of essential minerals and vitamins, so its not only yummy but also good for you and will keep you going through the grey days ahead, boosting your energy.
I agree with Or Tea: this is the perfect tea to drink with your girlfriends, a perfect afternoon with your best friend. A perfect Autumn afternoon with friends and a cozy jumper <3

So glad I got to try this out, thanks Or Tea :)

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