Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Alicia's Tea Tales: My Tea by Domo

A while ago I decided I wanted to launch myself into a new "series" on my blog. I am an avid tea-drinker and I believe that anyone who says tea is boring should be hit in the face with a tea cup. Not really, but let's say that tea is far from boring and that would be a true waste of a tea cup ;)

Finally I received a gentle nudge from Domo and they sent me a MyTea. I was all curious as to what it was and today I can honestly say it has improved my life in numerous ways. Not only does it help me make a lovely and easy cup of tea, I can now just push a button to have my tea made, carry on with getting ready and not have to sprint the final 100m to catch my train in the morning because I wanted a cup of tea after my shower. 

One push of the button and not even a minute later I have a perfect cup of tea. The system is quite ecological as it only boils 200ml at a time, just what I need when I need a tea pick-me-up. For evening tea-time I have huge mugs and I just push the button twice :)

So I am super thrilled to announce, finally, that I will soon go through my tea collection and tell you guys all about what I like, what I don't like, what brands of tea I love, the ones I don't love, and especially the flavours I am a total sucker for! 

Spoiler: green tea is my favourite!

Of course I have a lovely collection of mugs that I can't wait to show you!! This one I absolutely adore and it is a take-away cup by Mr Wonderful that I got from the lovely Liesbeth at Wander & Co, my guilty pleasure webshop ;) (rubber sippy lid not shown here)

So thank you Domo for this great machine that I use several times every day. I don't know how I used to survive without it, the perfect kick in the butt to start my Tea Tales :)

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