Sunday, August 16, 2015

London Coup de Coeur: The Hummingbird Cafe

I just got back from London and I can't wait to tell you all about this lovely café / deli I got to know. In one week I became a patron and went there for brunch three or four times. That is why I would love for you to read this article, have a look at the photo's and why not go and enjoy a meal when you're in Shepherd's Bush, London at some point. 

I spent a week in London with my friend Yasmina whose bed I was allowed to share and which saved me from having to pay for a roof over my head. Much love to her and her roommates Kate and Juno who hopefully enjoyed the spaghetti I made for them in return.

The lovely Hummingbird Cafe is a lovely little lunch or brunch place Yasmina introduced me to. A concept created by Australians in the neighbourhood which means the coffee by itself is worth a visit ;) (just quoting the locals!)
The Hummingbird Cafe has one of the cutest interiors I have ever seen. You feel immediately at home here and it really is a place where you can relax and do some laptop work if you need to. Even when there are a lot of diners, this soothing atmosphere still comes through and you can really enjoy your breakfast/brunch/lunch. Fresh flowers and cute wallpaper are its signature decorations and you can find it at both the Hummingbird Cafe and Hummingbird Deli.
Now obviously the surroundings are important, but let's talk about the food. Hummingbird has brunch and lunch choices which you can find on their website right here. Apart from amazing baked goods such as Lemon and Rosemary Cake or their amazing Carrot Cake, they also serve some great brunch/lunch dishes. I had the chorizo baked egg and the pulled pork ciabatta (obviously in different sittings ;) ) and both were amazing. I will try and recreate a version of the chorizo baked egg later on so do keep an eye on the blog! Also - the coffee is amazing!

Check out how happy we look after a Hummingbird hit... I bet you want to be that happy...
I also left Hummingbird Café with the best fact ever... 


  1. OMG this all looks so yummy! when are we going? ;)

    1. The question is, when are we going to London together? :D I am thinking next year's blogcademy ;)