Monday, June 15, 2015

GIVE-AWAY Vlesje and a Fruity Water Recipe

A while ago I was surfing on the internet (as you do. As a matter of fact you will never find me surfing on actual waves. You never know what is lurking beneath you) and I came across this great website called Vlesje makes this lovely product for people who love fruit-flavoured water. And I got my hands on one of these for you guys! I love these water bottles and have been using mine almost every day for a couple of weeks now. Hockey, work, ... I take it everywhere :)

It is a very cute water bottle which has a compartment that holds fruit or herbs to flavour your water. Personally I just chuck in any seasonal fruit that is nice and this Summer I went for mint, strawberries and peaches, some of my favourite fruit of all time. For extra flavour I added some lemon juice and a drop or two of liquid stevia. Leave in the fridge overnight and go to work the next day with a refreshing, fruity, aromatic drink!

You can find more recipes on the Vlesje website of course! Let me know what your favourite is ;)

So let's get down to business... 

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*Contest runs until 20/6, midnight.

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