Thursday, December 18, 2014

Some of my favourite foodies... (Part One)

I have decided to do some favourite foodies posts from time to time and I'd like to dedicate my first one to some of the my favourite food bloggers on the blogosphere. I love their style and their recipes, always fun and original. This post is all about the ladies... Enjoy!

I am a food blog

Weirdly enough I only discovered Stephanie and I am a food blog not too long ago. I found her through an amazing recipe that I tried out immediately: her Lamb and Peas Lasagna recipe, and it was gorgeous! Since then I have wondered her blog regularly. I love her simple but intricate food photography so I am hoping to receive her cook book for Christmas! *starts shaking all the Xmas presents lying around*

What Katie ate

Katie Quinn Davies from What Katie ate has it all, amazing recipes, beautiful photography and great props! I have also asked Santa for her first cookbook, so in the meantime I have to wander her blog over and over. If there was one person I would love to have some photography tips from, it would definitely be her! Unfortunately she is based in Australia... But I always love getting inspired by her images and creativeness from afar.

Princess Misia

And then there is Marta Majewska aka Princess Misia.  She is my mentor, friend and a beautifully talented food blogger and stylist. I love her style and she is the person to go to when you need some ideas for healthy recipes or if you need to cook for someone with lactose or gluten intolerance or allergy. She has a bubbly personality with a highly huggable factor. She also has her own cook book which I already own, of course, and only came out last September. It is currently only available in Dutch, but I am in no doubt the book will be available in several languages sometime soon... Good news for all you Anglophones out there: her blog is in English and her pictures are guaranteed to not only make you go hungry, but also make you smile!

I hope you like these bloggers as much as I do! I learn so much from them and it never hurts to have some extra recipes up your sleeve ;)

Who are your favourite (online) foodies?



  1. thank you so much for the sweet link love alicia!!
    i'm going to check out princess misia now - love checking out new blogs :)

    1. It's an absolute pleasure Stephanie! I can't wait to get my hands on your book and get those same hands dirty making some of your recipes (or all ;) ). Hope you enjoy Princess Misia's blog! x