Saturday, October 11, 2014

Japanese Ozachuke Soup with "Or Tea?"

I am a huge fan of tea, especially green tea, so when Or Tea sent me some samples and asked me to do a recipe for them using their products I was super excited. Because I wanted to create something healthy, yummy and easy to make that would place their tea on a pedestal, I had a hard time figuring out what I wanted to cook. I went from fruit tea to green-tea marinated ribs but finally settled on this Japanese soup: ochazuke. It is a very simple dish that you can even have for breakfast if you prefer your breakfast savoury.

I hope the Or Tea guys will be happy with my recipe ;)

What do you need? (2 servings)

- 100g cooked japanese sushi rice
- fresh raw salmon thickly sliced into bite size chunks (about 10)
- shredded nori (dried seaweed)
- 2 tbsp salmon eggs
- 40 cl of warm natural green tea (not scented). If you have a smoky green tea, definitely try it for this recipe!
- 2 tsp soy sauce
-  a sprinkle of japanese Wasabi Furikake herb mix (This is optional. You can also toast some sesame seeds instead. You can find the herb mix in Asian supermarkets.)

What do you need to do?

In each bowl add rice and salmon with some soy sauce. Drizzle in your warm green tea. Top your soup off with the salmon eggs, some of the Furikake herb mix or the toasted sesame seeds and the dried seaweed.

Easy, light and yummy ;)


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