Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Jamie's 25th!

Ok so yes, I am a Jamie Oliver fan. I have to admit: I don't have all his cookbooks, just a select few because I really don't have enough room to keep them all, but every month or so I look forward with extreme impatience to the next issue of Jamie Magazine!

Because of my past in the UK and my dad's wish he was British (he tells people we have British roots, but...), Jamie Oliver became pretty much a household name even before he was well-known in Belgium. So, yes, he is somewhat of an inspiration to me, but so are all the people who work together to get Jamie Magazine on the shelves every month. I love the photography but also the talented cooks that appear in the interviews and the fun, cheerful drawings.

And good news everyone! It is time to celebrate, because in the UK, his magazine has reached it's 50th "anniversary" and Jamie has been regaling UK members for 50 months (or so) :) I live in Belgium, and getting that UK issue here is indeed possible but I tend to hear from friends and family that the fact that it's in english stops them from subscribing because it's not always easy to recognize ingredients in a different language.

Luckily for them, the Netherlands also publish a dutch issue and France publishes in french. Today I want to let my dutch-speaking readers know that the 25th issue is coming out soon in Belgium and the Netherlands!

So... what are you looking forward to the most? Magnificent desserts and pies, cocktails? Simple recipes that make you want to try them out instantly? Or maybe it's just the mouthwatering food photography... In any case, this is the perfect party edition!

"Cooking has got to be simple and tasty. It's got to be fun." -Jamie Oliver

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