Monday, March 3, 2014

Timmermans Brewery Guided Tour

I went to a brewery the other day. A real one. Seriously.They brew beer there. The real way...
Well as you can read I was pretty impressed by this visit. And the best thing about it all was the beer tasting at the end.

We got a tour of the brewery, which was pretty amazing. We were guided by a great man who really made the atmosphere awesome. He explained everything we needed to know about how beer is brewed. Coincidentally I have a new favourite beer as, yes, I am a girl who loves her cold beer with a good meal or on a sunny (or rainy) afternoon.

The brewery was started up in Belgium over a hundred years ago and is known for its Lambic beer. This beer is rather acidic but as I love some lemon in my white beer, I have a taste for a bit more acidic beer. As a result I absolutely love their white Timmermans. Yum ;)

The guided tour was super interesting. I am not the biggest beer amateur or fanatic, but this made me realise that it is not only wine that should be appreciated in the way that it is. Should you want more information on the brewery, visit the Anthony Martin website.

Lastly, I wanted to share a discovery I made that evening. At Timmermans, the well-loved beer called Kriek has gone through an entire evolution. I quite like fruity beer, and Kriek is one of the best ones that is out there. Made with cherries, this beer pleases young and old, and is especially loved by the ladies :)

The very first kriek is made with just Lambic and cherries, left to become yummy all by itself. However, this is very acidic beer. Then the Retro Kriek was developed. It is a kriek beer which is not all that acidic anymore and is a tinge sweeter. And then lastly, what they call the more "commercial" kriek and also the mostly sold. However, I do prefer the Retro Kriek ;)

So thank you John Martin for this great experience and opportunity. I loved it and I hope to see that amazingTimmermans white beer at the stores more often!

Also thank you to Jean-Baptiste from Keep on Toasting for the great croques. My boyfriend didn't believe me at first, but now he accepts the fact that you make the best croques in town ;)

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