Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Brioche Chicken Burgers with Courgettes, Cheddar and Sweet Chilli Sauce

So I made these burgers. I made them because I saw these cute little brioche breads laying about at Pain Quotidien and I said to myself: those are perfect for a little burger action. So I did what I had to do and made my man and his brother guinea pigs for these golden bites. When my brother-in-law wanted some more the week after I was like -these are sooo going on my blog. So here you go!

If you can't find brioche in little breads like these you can use thick slices of brioche or if all else fails - just go with a nice burger bun. Try and make it look rustic. Rustic burgers always do the job.

What do you need? (6 burgers)

- 6 brioche / burger buns OR 12 thick slices of brioche bread (2/burger).
- 500g of chicken mince
- a courgette, sliced
- 2 onions, sliced
- some of your favourite sweet chili sauce (available in the general supermarket stores or Asian supermarkets
- a handful of dried breadcumbs or panko
- some salad (mixed leaves)
- a small pack of cream cheese (I used Philadelphia cream cheese)
- 6 slices of cheddar

What do you need to do?

Start preparing the different burger elements. First mix the panko and chicken mince. If you like you can add some chicken seasoning or just some salt and pepper. Make 6 patties, making sure the are not too thick. About 2cm if you can manage that. When you are done you can start grilling or cooking them in a pan.

While these are cooking, take the courgette slices and either grill them in a pan or roast them in the oven with some olive oil.

When the chicken burgers are almost done, place a slice of cheddar on each burger while they are still on the heat. This way the cheese will slowly melt and cover the burger. If you like, you can place them in the oven for a couple of minutes for total cheese melting action and coverage. Nomz.

Get your sliced onion and caramelise it in some olive oil. For easy and quick caramelising, use a pinch of bicarbonate. It's science ;)

Finally, toast your brioche. If it's a bun, brioche or regular, slice it open and toast each bit separately.

Now for making the burger: Spread the top half of the bun with some cream cheese. Then pile the lower half from down to up: Bun, salad, burger with cheddar, courgettes, a good gloop of sweet chili sauce, the onions and finish it off with the cream cheese bun.

Tadaaaa! Perfect burger <3


  1. These look fabulous (as does the rest of your blog!) Did you make the brioche buns yourself? If yes, would you mind giving us your recipe? ;-) And if not, where did you get them? I'm curious! Thanks a lot for your answer

    1. Sorry, I was so attracted by the picture that I didn't bother reading your introduction. Don't mind my question then but keep the compliments ;-)

    2. Hello! No problem, thank you so much for the compliments ;) I'm glad you like it and if you're going to try out the recipe, do let me know what you thought! Always happy to get feedback! Have a lovely day! x

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