Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Healthy Office Bagel - It means business!

I've gone healthy at lunchtimes. I discovered this way that roquette salad goes really well with melon but is not a great filler. So I decided to go for a more thorough meal this week. It needed to be something easy to take to work, easy to make in the morning and yum to eat at lunch. By this I mean: not soggy bread with salad. Ew. 

So I wandered around the supermarket with a limited amount of money on me (it's the end of the month!) and looking for something that answered to all of the above criticisms. 
I took the photo's in the morning after I made them. I think my "skills" get worse as the day progresses... 

What do you need? (for one person)

- 2 bagels, cut open sideways (as you do).
- hummus (I got the spicy kind. If you can't find a spicy kind and you like it spicy add some sriracha or other spicy condiment)
- 1 grated carrot (I highly recommend you grate them yourself! They have a lot more flavour)
- roquette salad
- chicken filet, sliced (I bought the variation with fresh herbs)

My fish likes it too.

What do you need to do?

Basically build you bagel! :) 
Shmear some hummus on the inside of the bagel. If you like hummus, shmear as much of it as you like. 
Then add a slice of chicken, then carrots and salad, then another (smaller if you like) slice of chicken to steady the whole thing and end with, obviously, the top of the bagel.

Tadaaaaa! (Omnomnomnom)
Jealous colleagues guaranteed. But in a healthy way ;)

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