Friday, February 1, 2013

Little Rolls of Joy

Need a quick fix for a small snack to go with drinks? I discovered this recipe at a friend's party who made me fall in love with this quick and easy canapé! Packed with lots of flavour you can have 50 of them ready in no time!

What do you need?

- soft flour fajitas
- green OR red pesto
- Italian smoked ham 
- goat's cheese (spreadable)

What do you need to do?

Basically, take your (unheated) fajita and spread it with goat's cheese. You can add quite a layer but no need for enormous amounts as it will all be rolled together. Then place a slice of ham right in the middle and spread the ham with some pesto. Don't overdo the pesto because it has a very strong taste and you need to let the ham and goat's cheese shine just as much!

Finally, just roll the fajita from cheese side to cheese side so you have ham running through the entire length of the fajita. Cut as you would sushi and end up with little rolls of joy!

Little rolls of JOY I tell you!

*Be careful, these are rather addictive!*

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