Sunday, February 24, 2013

Barbeque Chicken Wing Love

I love the occasional BBQ chicken wing and when I have lots of people coming over I often lean towards dishes you can make masses of with little effort but still make it taste good. You can often buy these little chicken wings in large amounts as well and the cost is often quite reasonable. So here you go: a low cost, mass producing, no effort recipe!

What do you need?

- 800g - 1kg chicken wings
- ketchup
- honey
- couple of cloves of garlic, peeled and crushed 
- 2 large tbsp herbes the provence mix 
- salt & pepper
- olive oil
- Worcestershire sauce

What do you need to do?

As I said, no effort but do try to think of making this in advance.
These need to be marinated. Placing them in the fridge the night before is the best option, but a couple of hours before they need to be prepared is ok as well. Before marinading you need to cut the wings in half at the joint. That way you have nice little bite-size pieces, easy to eat with your fingers! 

Marinade them in the olive oil, herbs and garlic. When looking at the amount you need of olive oil, just make sure everything is nicely covered. Leave it in the fridge to marinade. 

When they are done marinading, start by pre-heating the oven at 200°C. Place the halved chicken wings skin side up in an oven dish but make sure they are all in one layer. You can add the marinade so you don't have to add olive oil again. Don't forget to strategically place the garlic cloves around the dishes as well! If your oven dish is too small to hold it all, use a second one or do it in batches, but make sure the wings are not on top of each other. 

Spread the wings with ketchup, honey, salt and pepper. Make a ketchup/honey mixture with a ratio of  4:1. Add the Worcestershire sauce to the mixture, a couple of "sloshes" should do fine. You can taste it and see if the flavours are balanced. Add more honey to make it sweeter if you like. This will also make it stickier!! Extra yum! Add more acidity with the Worcestershire sauce or more fruitiness with the ketchup. Some salt or pepper can also be added if you like. This mixture needs to be divided over the wings;  you can use a brush to spread it evenly, fingers should to fine also. :) 

Place your dish in the oven and cook until bubbly and the skin has become sticky and browned. Serve warm but try and resist for a couple of minutes before digging in, it is quite hot when it leaves the oven.

* Make it spicy by adding some chili oil or tabasco to the ketchup mixture if you like.

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