Friday, December 30, 2016

Avocado and Green Pepper Tabasco Sarnie

These end-of-year celebrations are really not my thing. But then there's the food. Which is my thing. Obviously.
And then there's also the week between Christmas and New Year's where I felt like I needed to slow things down with the food and finally decided to make a lasagna for 8 people... for myself.


Sunday, November 6, 2016

My First HelloFresh Box + Recipe for Cauliflower Cream Pasta

What you need to know about me is that I am an impulsive cook. As in, I cook what I feel like eating and I generally know what I feel like eating about half a day before I have to cook it. I generally peruse Pinterest or something until I find something. Could be shrimp, could be crispy baked chicken, could be avocado and feta... So when I was asked to try a HelloFresh box I was open to it but I thought this might risk not being made because I would not "feel" like the dishes in the box.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Brewed By Nature - A Pop-Up Restaurant

A couple of days ago I got lucky! Yup, uhu I am talking foodgasms! And there is a possibility for anyone to go get some as well until the end of October!

Let me explain...

Goat's Cheese and Red Beet Tart

Hungry Sunday... you ever get that? You just don't stop eating all day? That's definitely my issue today so I decided to keep busy by cooking so I wouldn't eat too much but still get to eat something ;)
Anyway, I have this soft spot for puff pastry tarts because it is just so easy and you can experiment with lots of different flavours. I think goat's cheese and red beetroot goes so well together so I decided to give it a go...

Monday, September 26, 2016

Zoodles with Creamy Tomato Pesto

Sometimes I eat so much pasta that I have to take a break from pasta by not eating pasta. And it sucks. So I make dinner that looks like pasta. And it is great.
I got this electronic spiralizer from Domo and it is awesome. It will make anything into noodles and I went for classic zucchini noodles last night. Also known as zoodles. Much wow, so noodle, big fan.

Here's a simple recipe, vegetarian and healthy (yes cream is part of a healthy diet in my eyes ;) ) and perfect for any quick dinner.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Choosing your bottle of wine will be easier once you know this...

Are you one of those people who just enters the wine aisle at the supermarket and goes "Ok, I want a red wine. Let's see which label I like"? Well, I am (even though I do have a preference for Côte du Rhône) and I learned some useful things which I wanted to share with you like-minded wine-pickers!

Benoît Couderé, Belgium's best sommelier of 2016 has teamed up with Carrefour and invited some of us for a wine tasting. I was asked to come and join Carrefour and a couple of bloggers for a dinner at my favourite restaurant: Le Gril aux Herbes. Absolutely love this place! Just look at the food!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Fig and Crispy Halloumi Salad

Hey everyone,
I have a confession to make... I am addicted to the combination of figs and halloumi! Seriously, it is good stuff. This said, I am a fan of sweet and savoury dishes and as far as this dish goes, it really hits the spot. I love having this as a light lunch or dinner and it is ready in a jiffy!